Beyond Ordinary: Your Guide to a Magical Household by Dee Norman

"Dee Norman’s delightful and inspiring work has provevn my childhood instincts correct. The Magic is real and has been practiced with full intent for generations. Please join me around la tavoloa of Italian American Magic." - Lon Milo Duquette, author of The Magick of Aleister Crowley

Learn how to harness the power of an authentic magical folk tradition!

The Italian folklore tradition is one of the most ancient unbroken chains of wisdom on earth. Discover the secrets of an Italian American family’s magical tradition passed down from generation to generation. Based on her highly acclaimed book Burn A Black Candle, Dee Norman's course provides easy, step-by-step introductions to the basics of powerful magical practices: from running a magical household, including creating a family altar and connecting with your ancestors to dianosing, curing and warding away malocchio, the Evil Eye.

With Tarot and folk Italian magic expert Dee Norman as your guide, build your magical toolkit and discover one of humanity’s longest-lasting traditions for good fortune, a happy home and spiritual protection for yourself, your family and your loved ones.

What you will learn in this video course:

Lesson 1 - Understanding Magic from the inside out and how to get started keeping magical records

Lesson 2 - Recognizing and utilizing your most important tools: focused attention and centering

Lesson 3 - All about the amazing magical properties of candles, herbs and liquids and how to use them correctly

Lesson 4 - What you need to know to create your sacred space and personal household altar

Lesson 5 - Creating deep connections and working with your ancestors

Lesson 6 - Understanding how to build relationships with saints and patrons for well-being, guidance and protection

Lesson 7 - Finding out how to harness the power of candle magic and casting spells

Lesson 8 - Important insights about spiritual protection and warding away the Evil Eye

Lesson 9 - Using playing cards, dreams and pendulums for divination

and much more ...

Providing in-depth additional study material, Dee Norman's course includes a free PDF version of her highly acclaimed book Burn a Black Candle.

About Your Tutor:

Dee Norman grew up in a family that practiced an Italian folk magical tradition. She received her first Tarot deck at 11 and has been studying Tarot for over 30 years. Consequently, she has studied magic and the Western Mystery Tradition most of her life. She began reading Tarot professionally in 1995 and has presented workshops in over a dozen venues in the US and Australia.

Deee has given instruction on divination techniques, sigil magic, Italian folk magic, and various ritual techniques. She has co-founded three covens, two of which were teaching covens. She is the founder of the Occult Observatory club on Clubhouse and hosts two rooms: Learning Lenormand and Household Magic.

Dee studied Anthropology and Folklore at University level. Her book Burn A Black Candle: An American Italian Grimoire was published by Watkins in September 2022.

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