Emergent Spirituality by Tim Freke

"A magical mystery tour!" - Publishers Weekly on Soul Story: Evolution and the Purpose of Life

Are you experiencing contemporary society’s trademark soul crisis?

Tim Freke offers a bold remedy to the bleak outlook of the contemporary world.

What is emergent spirituality?

In this course, Tim Freke explores the new philosophy he calls emergent spirituality, which combines an innovative perspective on the scientific theory of evolution with a fresh understanding of perennial spirituality. The result is a beautiful vision of the nature of reality and the deep purpose of life.

Why do I need emergent spirituality?

The demise of outdated religion and the rise of hard-headed science has left us adrift in a meaningless universe without purpose, but pioneering philosopher Tim Freke offers a bold remedy to this bleak worldview a radical shift in understanding of both science and spirituality.

How does the course work?

Based on his book Soul Story, Tim’s course consists of 21 short video lessons that explore his core ideas in a direct, lucid way. In addition, there are 8 audio contemplation exercises to help you really get these ideas experientially.

Soul Story addresses the deepest question of life and existence in clear and understandable terms with transparent logic and without dogmatism. Anyone interested in exploring these questions in company with the expert and even enlightened guidance of Tim Freke will gain lasting benefit fresh insights that will enrich his or her life for the rest of his or her life” – Ervin Laszlo, author and philosopher

About Emergent Spirituality

Course contents:


Introduction: A new philosophy of life

01 – Reality is made of time

plus: Guided Contemplation: The past and the possible

02 – Evolution is a process of emergence

03 – The soul-dimension is an emergent reality

plus: Guided Contemplation: Body and soul

04 – The material world is information

05 – Every thing is an object and a subject

plus: Guided Contemplation: The world is information

06 – Psyche is not a subjective by-product of the brain

07 – Immortality is an emergent property of the soul

08 – Soulstreams individuate through metempsychosis

09 – Evolution is evolving

10 – The after-death dimension is a shared dream

11 – ‘Heaven’ has evolved

plus: Guided Contemplation: The immortal soul

12 – The soul-dimension creates the magic of life

plus: Guided Contemplation: Your magical story

13 – We are one in spirit

14 – Spiritual awakening is the leading edge of evolution

plus: Guided Contemplation: The oneness of being

15 – Death is love

16 – God is an emergent being of love

17 – God is all-good but not all-powerful

plus: Guided Contemplation: Communion with God

18 – Life does have a purpose

19 – Your life is a process of soul formation

20 – Every moment is the meeting of creativity and pastivity

21 – You can choose to contribute to evolutionary emergence

plus: Guided Contemplation: Soul formation

About Tim:

T!M FREKE is a pioneering philosopher whose work has touched the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

He is the author of 35 books, translated into more than 15 languages, including an Amazon top 6 bestseller and ‘Book of the Year’ in the UK Daily Telegraph. T!M has been exploring spirituality since a spontaneous awakening when he was 12 years old.

He presents life-changing events and online and guides others directly to the ‘deep awake’ state at retreats that he leads internationally. T!M has frequently been featured in the international media including the BBC and The History Channel.

Besides Soul Story, Watkins published T!M’s other books on his revolutionary apporach to spiritual awakening Deep Awake, Lucid Living and The Mystery Experience.

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