Unlocking the Power of Synchronicity

by Gazza Solidago

Mysterious and supremely powerful, Synchronicity is one of the most important laws of the universe. Explore in depth its hidden nature and learn how to use it.

Learn all about Synchronicity and open yourself to a new view of reality.

From the wisdom of the world-renowned Damanhur spiritual community comes a powerful understanding of Synchronicity as the cosmic Force that makes all events happen and puts them in relation.

Learning to guide this Force will allow you to manifest your desires, ask questions and receive synchronic answers when you need them. 

In this course, you will discover how to interpret the events of life outside of cause/effect logics and entering the Magic world of Synchronicity.

What you will learn in this course:

  • What is Synchronicity? Learn all about the esoteric physics and uviversal laws that govern all events.
  • How to read Synchronicity and take action: Learn how to align yourself with synchronic energy flows and utilize their power through decisive actions.
  • How to Interact with Synchronicity: Understand how to ask thre right questions and read synchronic signs, symbols and events.
  • Follow along a guided meditation and breathing practice to open yourself to the amazing powers of Synchronicity. 
  • Your Personal Connection with the Universe: Understand the energetic structures that intimately connect us with the world and cosmic influences.
  • What is Selfica? An overview of Damanhur's revolutionary technology for communicating with higher-dimensional intelligences.

And more ...

Providing additonal study material, Gazza Solidago's course includes a free PDF version of Jeff Merrifield's highly acclaimed book Damanhur - Social Alchemy, Magical Temples and the Superindividual.

About Your Tutor

GAZZA SOLIDAGO is a member of Damanhur, the Federation of Spiritual Communities, near Vidracco, Italy. Enriched by her 35 years of community life, she has become a valued teacher of Alchemy, Medit-Action, Awakening of Inner Senses, and Past Lives at the Damanhur Academy in Italy and giving lectures and workshops worldwide.

 She is a Spiritual Healer and has been in the Way of the Oracle for 30+ years. Sharing her research and love for Life and the Sacred, Gazza has led thousands of visitors towards magical-esoteric destinations to awaken those hidden dimensions in all of us.

You can find out more about Gazza at damanhur.org

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