Who Am I? – A Practical Guide to Anatta by Stephen Fulder

"Stephen Fulder unfurls the universe that gave birth to the most refined articulation of mindfulness on the planet. " Jon Kabat-Zinn on Stephen Fulder's 'What's Beyond Mindfulness: Waking Up to This Precious Life'

There is no question more engaging, universal and mysterious than the question: ‘Who Am I?’

Explore your answer with Stephen Fulder.

Why should I ask: "Who am I?"

As soon as we start to explore who or what we are, a new landscape is revealed, rich with insights: ‘Who is in charge of my life?’ ‘How can I dissolve the sense of separation between me and the world?’ ‘How can we get ourselves out of the way?’ ‘What is the experience of the limitless?’

How can Buddhist practice help me?

As this course will show you, Buddhist practice to discover the self and what is beyond (‘Anatta’) helps us peel off layers of conditioning and beliefs and live more wisely, more lightly and more freely.

What can I discover?

Ignorance concerning who I really am, and the assumption that we are subjects separate from an external world against which we struggle, leads us to live automatically. We see ourselves in a shifting unreliable world to which we respond with our needs, desires, aversions and attachments. As soon as we start to question and explore who or what we are, a new landscape is revealed and our life can get dramatically more deep and interesting. We find ourselves in a world of paradox, mystery, and yet unimagined freedom. ‘Who is in charge of my life?’ ‘What in me is changing and what is constant?’ ‘Which of the many voices within me can I rely on?’ ‘How can I let go of the sense of separation between me and the world?’ ‘Is my life leading me somewhere?’ ‘How much can I change things?’ Questions such as these become a journey of discovery.

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About A Practical Guide to Anatta

This in-depth course consists of 8 video talks, 8 guided meditations, written study materials and practical exercises for integrating the course material into your daily life.

Course contents:

THE LESSONS (9 hours and 19 minutes total)

1. The Subject of The Subject (34:32 mins)

plus: Guided Medition (27:53 mins)

2. “I Knew it Was You” said Piglet (40:53 mins)

plus: Guided Medition (29:37 mins)

3. Falling Apart but Waking Up (43:32)

plus: Guided Medition (31:33 mins)

4. Who (or What) is in Control? (42:09 mins)

plus: Guided Meditation (30:15 mins)

5. I am a Paradox (42:35)

plus: Guided Medition (38:44 mins)

6. Me and the World Make Each Other (34:09)

plus: Guided Medition (31:47 mins)

7. The Lights are On But No-one’s at Home (38:24)

plus: Guided Medition (29:17 mins)

8. Actions Without an Actor (28:24)

plus: Guided Medition (35:07 mins)

About Stephen:

Stephen Fulder Ph.D is internationally known as a teacher of Buddhist practice and meditation, and the founder and senior teacher of the Israel Insight Society, the major Buddhist practice organisation in Israel. He brings mindfulness, Vipassana and dharma teachings to thousands of participants by means of retreats, classes, online teaching, professional events and even pubs and bars! He has also been involved for many years in peace work in the Middle East and was a founder of the MiddleWay organisation.  Stephen has a Ph.D in molecular biology and taught at London University and other universities. He has worked for 40 years as a pioneer, consultant and author in the field of herbal and complementary medicine about which he has had many books and scientific papers published, and has broadcasted widely in the UK and the US. His book  What’s Beyond Mindfulness: Waking Up to This Precious Life was published by Watkins in 2019.

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