Slay Your Dragons With Compassion by Malcolm Stern

"Moving and inspiring, filled with humane wisdom that is both tender and compassionately tough."

Jack Kornfield, author of A Path With Heart

When renowned psychotherapist Malcolm Stern’s daughter, Melissa, committed suicide in 2014, he experienced most parents’ worst nightmare, and his grief made him challenge every aspect of his work and life. It thrust his growth and development forward in ways he never thought possible, forcing him to confront his fears and work through his biggest blocks. 

The culmination of that process is: Slay Your Dragons with Compassion.

This course is the distillation of more than 30 years of experience in the therapy room and shows us that meaning can exist even in the worst tragedy. By creating a set of practices and making them central to our lives, we can find passion, purpose, and meaningful happiness while navigating life’s darkest moments in such a way that we discover the gold hidden within. 

What you will learn in this course:

Lesson 1: Follow Your Radar to make the decisions that serve us and others best.

Lesson 2: Bear Witness and practice presence to build safe spaces for authentic communication.

Lesson 3: Slay Your Dragons With Compassion to practice the art of speaking difficult truths.

Lesson 4: Let Your Relationships Educate You and become aware of the four levels of connection for building and sustaining lasting relationships.

Lesson 5: Become aware of the Ricochet Effect for taking ownership of your own projections.

Lesson 6: Allow Your Suffering to Transform You and learn to find meaning and purpose in difficult times.

Lesson 7: Create a Sangha for finding support and friendship on our journey through life.

Lesson 8: Find Your Purpose by letting your passion lead you in sharing your unique set of gifts.

Lesson 9: Break the Spell for freeing yourself from limiting beliefs and negative patterns of thought and action.

Lesson 10: Befriend Death as an injunction to life and as a reminder to bring ourselves more fully into the here and now.

Malcolm Stern's video course includes a free PDF version of his book Slay Your Dragons With Compassion. Eckhart Tolle said about it: "This invaluable book shows how unconditional acceptance and the power of awareness can help transcend suffering and bring about redemption and healing."

About Your Tutor

Malcolm Stern has worked as a group and individual psychotherapist for more than 30 years. He is Co-Founder of Alternatives at St James’ Church in London and runs groups internationally.

His approach involves finding where the heart is and helping individuals access their truth. His London One Year Group is the centrepiece of his work and has been successfully operating since 1990. In it he creates an environment of trust, integrity and community, where participants can become skilled in relationships, communication and managing difficult conversations. The ultimate learning is to slay your dragons with compassion.

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